Mobile Mini

UX Workshops, UX Design and Visual Design to Drive Product Sales

Launch Date

March 2019

Website Url

The team at Mobile Mini was looking to drive sales by converting their existing website into a product focused experience that helped users understand their options and place an order quickly and hassle free. Taking direction from their management team and working in conjunction with Igility Solutions, we hosted a series of UX Workshops to gain customer insight and create cross functional solutions. These cross-functional exercises combined with UX best practices and an eye for high quality visual design resulted in a 17% increase in goal conversions with no other factors changing.

My Role:

  • Created a custom UX workshop designed around their goals
  • Iterative design process for the main product landing pages and core product selection path to clearly identify product offerings and features.
  • Full Visual Design & Design Library
  • Development Handoff in Invision