TechLab & Skysong Office

Engineering Culture & Open Workspace

In 2011, after managing a technology acquisition in Seattle, I brought an environment of engineering to our company back in Phoenix.

Working with the CEO, we created a development-only satellite office affectionately called the TechLab. In a small room at Scottsdaleā€™s Skysong, The ASU Innovation Center, we proved encouraging an engineering atmosphere would elevate our ability to create great technology and assist in recruiting the best talent for our team. After a year in the temporary space, the entire company was moved to Skysong.

In collaboration with Hayes Architecture, we created a truly unique space full of open work areas and collaborative spaces. Using Apple TVs and large monitors throughout, employees can move about the space to work collaboratively or privately in one of the many different spaces. The design was nominated for a RED Award and is a showcase space for potential newcomers to Skysong.

skysong-booth skysong-couch skysong-engineer skysong-blackhuddle