UX Strategy, UX Design and Visual Design for new eLearning Platform

Myers Briggs was looking to extend engagement with their users by creating a new interactive learning platform. The platform provides interactive courses, tests and comparative tools to help users put insights about their personality type to use.

Our team had an ambitious launch date for a new product and needed help pulling together the experience. Quality of experience was key for us so we reached out to Kristen and she hit the ground running. Kristen helped us better focus our objectives and brought new thinking to the table, challenged assumptions and improved the overall quality of our experience. She became an expert on our product quickly and was responsive, resourceful, flexible in her working style to accommodate our own, ultimately resulting in excellent output. We highly recommendation Kristen and have every intention of working with her again in the future.

Woody Selick, Director, Product Innovation, The Myers-Briggs Company

My Role:

  • Guide the design process and define user flows, business logic, interactions and necessary screens for the portal and flexible eLearning modules
  • Design all Wireframes & Interactive Prototypes
  • Full Visual Design & Design Library
  • Development Handoff in Zeplin

The MBTI Portal guides users through relevant courses, a guide to their specific MBTI type and comparison tools to help users understand how to apply insights to their type in relation to another type.

We created interactive templates that can be chained together in any combination by course designers to create courses relevant to each type. The interface that connects them is designed to hand hold users through the process and encourage course completion.

Course Templates

An example of the course slides together in one course.

Online Portal for Courses