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Work: Myers-Briggs

Myers Briggs was looking to extend engagement with their users by creating a new interactive learning platform. The platform provides interactive courses, tests and comparative tools to help users put insights about their personality type to use.

Work: Helmer Scientific

Helmer Scientific needed to integrate their marketing and ecommerce sites while elevating the user experience. Taking direction from their management team and working in conjunction with Igility Solutions, we hosted a series of UX Workshops to gain customer insight and create cross functional solutions for top user journeys.

Work: Mobile Mini

The team at Mobile Mini was looking to drive sales by converting their existing website into a product focused experience that helped users understand their options and place an order quickly and hassle free. Taking direction from their management team and working in conjunction with Igility Solutions, we hosted a series of UX Workshops to gain customer insight and create cross functional solutions. These cross-functional exercises combined with UX best practices and an eye for high quality visual design resulted in a 17% increase in goal conversions with no other factors changing.

Work: sweetDee’s bakeshop

A beautiful French inspired bakeshop with a contemporary feel, Sweet Dee’s greets you with an entire pastry case full of treats that mimic the design and feel of this bakery. Working directly with Hayes Architecture and the owners of sweetDee’s, we translated their unique physical bakeshop design into a logo and basic graphic identity that would support their vision.

After the initial project, we worked to apply that brand across other assets: website, business cards, menus, hot & cold cups, and various other applications.


Design and development of a static marketing site for Custom animation with svg for pricing page.

Work: Jack Grace USA

Jack Grace reached out looking to augment their existing Shopify Template with custom built interfaces to help sell their unique product offering. We built an interface where user can make multiple selections to custom build a golf shoe. To make it easier for users to purchase multiple colors of saddles, we built an interface using the data in Shopify and filtering by shoe size.

Work: We The Voters

We the Voters is a groundbreaking social impact and web campaign designed to inspire and activate an audience of millions by presenting the subjects of democracy, elections, and U.S. governance in a new, accessible format. As a resource for Hip Check Media, I was responsible for designing the responsive website, iPhone and Android apps as well as creating unique interactivity to promote key metrics. Integrated call-to-action tiles throughout push users to an interactive checklist which encourages them to engage in the voting process and gives specific steps to do so.

Work: flexxCOACH

flexxCOACH reached out looking for a partner to help them create a modern brand and UI Kit for their established youth hockey coaching software. They were so happy with the work, they came back for more! We created a powerful marketing site to help them increase signups and inform existing users the power of their software.

Collaboration with Alt House

Work: AuthorityLabs

With their team focused on product development, AuthorityLabs needed assistance in executing their marketing goals. Working closely with the CEO we developed an email drip campaign ( within Constant Contact that included a landing page to sell the campaign, email design, ad banners, exit popup for the AuthorityLabs site and marketing emails to drive sign ups.

Additional projects include a home for their downloadable tools (, a complete blog redesign & development (, other minor updates to their WordPress theme, and even some conference collateral.

Work: Steeltec

As a startup within a larger company, Steeltec needed an economic branding package to kickstart their new venture without compromising quality and professionalism. We were able to provide a jumping point for their brand to get them through the beginning stages of the company.