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Work: Steeltec

As a startup within a larger company, Steeltec needed an economic branding package to kickstart their new venture without compromising quality and professionalism. We were able to provide a jumping point for their brand to get them through the beginning stages of the company.

Work: Channel Master

Channel Master came to us with a need for a more polished look, development help, and digital strategy with their established Volusion ecommerce store. With thousands of visitors everyday, they needed a presence that highlighted their innovative products and made the shopping experience clear and focused while explaining the depth of their product.

Work: Blythe Grace

Blythe Grace offers legal services to help business owners start or grow their businesses. As a fairly new firm, they needed a web presence that allowed them to showcase their unique value proposition – Knowledge and experience in a law firm doesn’t need to be stuffy or expensive. They also needed to elevate their positioning to express their professionalism and experience.

Work: Y Scouts Speaker Presentations

Brian Mohr, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Y Scouts, reached out in need of some killer presentation graphics to accompany his powerful speaking sessions and MC appearances. We were able to create clean powerful graphics to support his message without detracting from his words.

Examples below illustrate presentations and printed materials created for 3 separate events.

Work: The Characters of Wes Anderson

Birthed from the need for a killer Halloween costume and a love of his movies, The Characters of Wes Anderson was born. What started as a simple prototype and a waste of a Saturday evolved into this site showcasing some clean examples of UX.

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Making of the Characters of Wes Anderson

I love Halloween. I always wait until the last minute and end up throwing something silly together with whatever is laying around the house. But this year was going to be different.

I also love Wes Anderson movies like any 30-something hipster and have Rushmore on VHS. Children look it up, they existed before digital downloads and DVDs… ancient technology… we owned VHS rewinders shaped like deloreans or what ever this is. It. Was. Aweful.

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Work: Panya & Pauper

Panya & Pauper’s one-of-a-kind jewelry deserved a one-of-a-kind ecommerce experience. Bold photos and persistent collection representation ensures that users see the detail and beauty in each of the pieces. Custom theme and functionality built within Shopify.

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Work: CRM

Created a Candidate Management System (CRM) with real-time tools, search, messaging & analytics using the existing platform with over 10 years of data and user expectations.

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